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In Character as ‘Harlequin’ on the set of the Leonardo-Nieto Montenegro directed Short Film ‘OUT RANK’, one of my first experiences on an actual set.

In Character as ‘Harlequin’ on the set of the Leonardo-Nieto Montenegro directed Short Film ‘OUT RANK’, one of my first experiences on an actual set.

Kassassin Street Review by Samuel E. Mac

Hailing from Portsmouth, UK, Kassassin Street are a five-piecealternative/psychedelic/electronic band who have opened for artists such as The Big Pink, The Sheepdogs, 2:54 and Art Brut at UK venues and who have been playing together since two years.

Their style is refreshing, original and almost undeniable. Carrying genes of 90’s post-rock with their melancholic undertones, hypnotic vocals and raw mixing, and spewing more modern electronic experimentation, their debut five-track ‘EP’ is an accomplished and remarkably recorded triumph.

‘I’m okay, are you okay?’ Human Conditionscreams as the album passes by swiftly, encompassing full attention, progressing superbly and possessing influences from many different genres; ‘Closer To The Ground Than The Sky’ is a spacey, mathematical track that includes an off-tempo drum beat that contrasts almost ubiquitously to the pulsating bass while the echoing-anthem like vocals carry the song into new territory while ‘Finger On The Pulse’ and ‘Beautiful Noise’ both lead the mood into familiar territory oozing with influences of post-rock bands such as The Verve or The Stone Roses. It’s almost impossible to comprehend that this superb debut was recorded in a rehearsal room and a bedroom

After the release of ‘EP’, they garnered airplay on BBC and Amazing Radio and have enjoyed some overseas recognition by being part of The BullPitt podcast in the United States and continued torehearse mercilessly at their spot, an old ammunitions dump in Portsmouth.

Currently in the process of mastering a new 3-track, as of yet untitled, EP, they have releasedtheir new single in promotion, and it marks a progression in both sound and style and is undoubtedly their most accomplished track to date, ‘Centre Straight Atom’ is the first single to be recorded at their new barn studio in Hampshire. It has been accompanied with a video on their youtube release and if it’s anything of a sign, their new EP should be even more triumphant.

Cheese KILLS, apparently…

About a month ago a friend of mine told me a story that made me laugh, and I still feel bad for this, but it really is a story. These days, you can get wallets that look like anything; yesterday whilst online I almost bought Samuel L. Jacksons ‘Bad Mother Fucker’ wallet from Pulp Fiction, at the time I thought it was gangster, but it was $20 dollars too expensive from my usual budget of $9.99, and all I would be really paying for is the extra material. How about a wallet shaped like a gun? That’s cool, right? Absolutely. And that’s exactly what the poor son of a bitch thought when he picked it up for, lets be honest, probably less than $9.99. Don’t get me wrong; I like cheesy merchandise as much as the next man, and given the opportunity I would have bought it too. The story of how this wallet led to this individual’s death is a classic case of mistaken intent. Or trigger happy cops. Upon removing his wallet-gun from his back pocket on pullover, the man was opened fire on for carrying what was thought to be a concealed weapon…full of money. It’s funny how you can die for less than $9.99. And whoever invented the gun-wallet should probably rethink a few things. If you’re reading this, try something else? Like a grenade?

the surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently…



            ”It’s a familiar feeling, hate. I know it, like a mother knows worry. I’ve felt it more times than I care to count, Asshole-this, Asshole-that, sometime’s I think my name is one word. It’s an endless cycle, once driven into an attitude of self loathing, it’s a long climb up the sheer, sometime’s people don’t even reach neutral. Should I worry about this? Probably. My habitual routine of blaming other people for my own failures has became the source of my stubbornness, trying to get me out of a bad mood is the cataclysmic impact of an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. And I don’t even have drugs to save me this time.

            I hate this world, however, I’m not about to quit anytime soon, but I consider myself, this year more than ever, fully aware of how false and enclosed it is, people like me, people who see the glass half empty, we are all doomed. More so, than say, some guy fixing toilets somewhere. At least he’s useful.”

           - Zachary Crowe of the short story ‘Stuck’ in Absurdum Vol. 1 (Novella)

After The Purge

Something moves ahead, in a baron city landscape.

It’s newspapers.

Old newspapers.

The sky is bright blue and although things are desolate and eerie,

I can’t help but think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Sun is light.

Sun is energy.

Sun is comfort.

Sun is God.

Don’t Talk To Robots. Hilarious video.

Was referred to this web-series by a friend, Great premise, Great production. SYNC by Corridor Digital. Episode 1.